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Group Clean Energy Loan



Features & Benefits
    Loan Purpose: For the acquisition of clean energy products like solar, cook stoves, bio gas, etc.
    Loan Amount: UGX 100,000-UGX 5,000,000
    Loan Duration: 3-12 Months
    Repayment Frequency: Weekly, Fortnightly
    - Set Up Fees 1% of the Loan Amount
    - Insurance fees 1.3% of the Loan Amount
    - Application Fees 5,000 for loans below UGX 2M and 10,000 for Loans UGX 2M and above payable at application
    - CRB Search fees UGX 10,000 for Loans below UGX 1M and UGX 15,000 for Loans above UGX 1M payable at appication
    - Stamp Duty UGX 15,000 for loans above UGX 3M
    - LSF OF 15% - 20%, Group Guarantee, Other Collateral like land, Chattels and Log Books pledged to group
    Interest rate calculation method:
    - Flat
    - Valid National ID
    - 1 Passport Size Photo