Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What Products and Services does Opportunity Bank offer?

Ans; Opportunity Bank offers a wide range of banking services including; deposits, savings, Forex, Mobile money loan facilities and money transfer services among others. Our products are tailor-made for various categories of customers, including Government, Micro, Medium and large Institutions, SMEs, Corporate and Individuals. We offer our services to our customers through different channels, based on their needs.

What form of channels does opportunity Bank have for its customers?

We have a variety of banking channels that fit within our customer-centric strategy. These include our branches, Automated Teller Machines (ATMs), Opportunity Kusiimu & Opportunity Bank Agents. Opportunity Bank has 22 ATMs, 23 branches and 23 Opportunity Agents across Uganda. In addition, we are part of the Interswitch network, which gives our customers access to a chain of over 300 ATMs in the country. Opportunity Kusiimu, our mobile banking platform gives our customers ease of access to their funds and provides convenience.

Where is Opportunity Bank Head Office located?

Ans; Our Head Office is located at Opportunity House; Plot 1259 Kira Road Kamwokya Kampala.

How can a customer contact Opportunity Bank?

Ans; Our customers can call us on 0414236724,0754680049, Or send us an email at  

What do I need to open an account at opportunity Bank?

Ans; To open an account, one will need to present the following;

  • One passport photo
  • A copy of the National ID card,
  • A Minimum opening balance of 10,000 ugx
  • Refugee ID, Passport for non Ugandans
Note; some requirements may differ depending on the type of account opened.
What can I do to access Opportunity Kusiimu?

Ans; The customer must first visit a branch nearest to them to have their number registered and synchronized to their bank account.

What do I do to get an ATM card?

Ans; Visit a branch near you; make your request to the frontline officer. You will be required to have a copy of any valid ID and a fee of UGX12,000 to complete this request. Your ATM will be issued in a period of three weeks.

If I made a deposit using an ATM, how long will it take my account to get credited?

Ans; It shall be credited instantly

How many Branches does OBUL have?

Opportunity Bank has 23 branches across the country.