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Extra Save Account


Extra saving account

Target Savings Account

Deposit Account

This account has been designed to cater for customers who are savings a specific amount with a goal in mind. Customers may use a target savings account to buy land, a motorcycle, car, building, pay for school fees, expand a business or meet social cultural needs.

Group Savings Account

Savings Account

This is ideal for customers find it expensive to bank as an individual and wish to save as a group.

Institutional Fixed Deposit Account

Institutional Savings Accounts

This account is perfect for institutions, projects or NGOs who have money that is not for immediate use and willing to invest it for a specified period to earn from attractive interest rates.

Fixed Term Deposit Account

Savings Account

This an account for those who want to save for a long-term goal. A fixed deposit with great interest for a specific term.

Business Account

Savings Account

For the small business owner looking to secure and grow their company funds.

Ordinary Savings Account

Deposit Account

A transactional account for people who desire to have secure and unlimited access to their money.