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Child Savings account

Savings Account

This is a children’s savings account which is operated by the child’s parent or guardian. It targets children from toddlers to minors of age 17 years. This account provides a child’s parent or guardian with an opportunity to start saving early for the benefit of securing the financial future of their children.

Features & Benefits
    Opening Balance: UGX 5,000
    Interest on Savings: Earn Up to 7% Interest PA
    Minimum Balance to earn interest: UGX 100,000
    Monthly Charges: Zero
    - Access to Bank Statements
    - Free SMS Alerts
    - Valid National ID for the parent
    - 1 Passport Size Photo for the child
    - Passport Photo for Parent/Guardian
    - Either an Immunization Card, or Birth Certitificate or Baptism card for the Child.