Savings Product

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Fixed Term Deposit Account

Savings Account

This an account for those who want to save for a long-term goal. A fixed deposit with great interest for a specific term.

    - Terms of 3, 6, 12 months
    - Interest is paid at the end of each contract less withholding tax
    - Ability to roll over savings after expiry period
    - Interest of 5% per annum for less that UGX10m
    - Interest of 9% per annum for savings of UGX10m-50m
    - Interest is negotiable for UGX100m + for a savings period more than 12 months
    - Premature withdrawals will cause you to forfeit interest
    - Minimum deposit amount UGX 100 000
    - Valid identification
    - One recent passport size photograph
    - Existing customers only need a Financial Card