Savings Product

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Group Savings Account

Savings Account

This is ideal for customers find it expensive to bank as an individual and wish to save as a group.

    - Monthly ledger fee of 2,000/=
    - Over the counter withdrawal: UGX2 000
    - Earn interest of 1% per annum on savings of UGX50 000 to 100,000;
    - Earn 2% interest per annum on savings between UGX100,000 to 500,000;
    - Earn 3% per annum on savings greater than UGX500 000
    - Initial deposit UGX50 000
    - Identification of the Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer
    - Resolution to open an account
    - Letter of recommendation from L/C of the area
    - A passport size passport photograph of each of the signatories
    - Group registered as a CBO
    - Certificate of Registration from CBO/NGO board, Sub-County
    - A copy of the By-laws (Constitution)