Savings Product

Opportunity Bank holds the solution for you to empower your family, your community, your business and your future.

Target Savings Account

Deposit Account

This account has been designed to cater for customers who are savings a specific amount with a goal in mind. Customers may use a target savings account to buy land, a motorcycle, car, building, pay for school fees, expand a business or meet social cultural needs.

    - Fixed term of 3, 6 or 12 months
    - No monthly ledger fees
    - Earn 3% interest per annum on savings between UGX100 000 to 500 000
    - 5% per annum on UGX500 000 to 1 000 000
    - 8% per annum on investment more than UGX1 000 000

    - Minimum opening balance UGX30 000
    - Minimum balance of UGX10 000 to earn interest
    - Valid Identity Card, passport, driving permit, voters Card, or financial card (any of the above)
    - One recent passport size photo
    - Existing customers may use a financial card plus a passport size photograph